Sustainable Weight Loss Super Success Story

Sharon Henry lost 100 pounds and is on an amazing positive spiral of health and vitality!

About This Video: Gabriel Method Success Story, Sharon Henry, lost over 100 pounds – not by dieting – but by eliminating her FAT triggers.

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How Sharon Henry Lost 100lbs (45 kgs) by Addressing Her FAT Triggers

Our Gabriel Method Team of Coaches and experts worked with Sharon Henry for several months, step-by-step addressing one FAT trigger after another.

It was slow going at first, but then all of the sudden she started dropping weight like crazy.

Sharon went on to lose about 100 pounds (45 kilos) and is on an amazing positive spiral of health and vitality.

As Sharon has shared in her video, it’s not about willpower or discipline. At this point her body craves healthier foods, she has more energy to be active and it’s all happening pretty much on it’s own.

What are FAT triggers?

FAT triggers are the real, root causes of weight gain. They are mental and physical stresses that put your body into fat storage mode.

If you can address them effectively, your body lets go of weight easily and naturally. If not, your body will tend to fight you and undermine your weight loss efforts.

The very basis of The Gabriel Method is to lose weight by identifying, addressing and eliminating your FAT triggers.
And that’s exactly what we did with Sharon.

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