Monthly Ask Jon Sessions (Priceless – Ask Me Anything)

You get to attend monthly Ask Jon sessions, where you can call in directly to speak with me and get your challenging questions answered. I know there can be a lot of unknowns during the journey, and as a Support Group member, you can get these unknowns answered every month. So whether its a major stress in your life, or you need advice to find the best juicer or blender – I’m here for you.


Regular Group Coaching With The Experts: ($1200 Value)

You also have access to our expert team of Gabriel Method Coaches during their live group coaching sessions. At least once a week, one of the expert coaches will host a live call on a topic that is pertinent to the group.

  • The Support Group is uniquely designed to ensure that you have the community, coaches, and knowledge you need to be successful on your weight loss journey.
  • As a member, you’ve now equipped yourself with a team of cutting-edge mind-body weightloss experts, who will work directly with you to give you all the tools you need to achieve your goals.


And that’s not all…As a Gabriel Method Support Group Member, you’ll also have access to…



Visualization Library+ ($300 Value)

You’ll get immediate access to my most best-known visualization practices (the top 12), plus an additional 40 guided sessions that I’ve only released for Support Group members. Additionally, each month, I’ll email you a new visualization so your evening practice stays fresh and we all stay connected through our commitment to mind-body wellness.


Video Blog ($250 Value)

(2x/month) I’m a fanatical researcher, and twice a month I share my latest findings on everything from digestion and hormonal balance to raw food and healthy fats via an easy-to-watch short video that you’ll get access too. Currently, there are dozens of amazing videos you can watch right now.


Expert Guest Classes ($300 Value)

As a best-selling author, I have access to the leading minds in wellness today. People like Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Rosedale, Dr. Mercola, and so many more. There are over 30 classes currently in the Support Group, and we add at least one new expert class monthly. These are audio or video classes with cutting-edge information you won’t find anywhere else.


Master Classes ($400 Value)

Master Classes are Support Group exclusives and these are a ton of fun. We have a master class all about raw desserts (yum!), a series of classes about mind-body fitness, eating healthy on a budget, and so much more. Each of these classes would normally sell for $39-149, but as a Support Group Member, you get them all for free.


Recipes ($200 value)

At The Gabriel Method, we love food, and I love to share my nourishing, nutrient dense, and delicious recipes. We have an amazing library of super delicious, super nutritious Gabriel Method friendly recipes that will turn off your FAT Programs and leaving you feeling amazing.


24/7 Member’s Forum ($200 value)

We have 2 private forums, one in the member’s area and one on Facebook. Some members prefer one of the other, some us both. Both myself and my coaching team are extremely active in both places, and you’ll get a ton of support and resources from other members too (we have many members who have been with us since the beginning so they are experts!).