FREE BONUS #1: Killing Junk Food Cravings Meditation (mp3)
by John Gabriel

This easy, 4-minute long meditation helps get your mind and body to work together, so that weight loss is easy natural and sustainable.


FREE BONUS #2: Sugar Impact Cookbook (pdf)
by JJ Virgin

Multiple time best-selling author, JJ Virgin shares with you her “best kept secret” foods that are delicious, nutritious, and super low in sugar. JJ is an expert at kicking your sweet tooth to the curb, and her 50-recipes in this book include: breakfasts, snacks, shakes, soups, salads, main dishes and more.

FREE BONUS #3:Getting Started w/ Meditation (video class)

FREE BONUS #3: Getting Started w/ Meditation (video class)
with Emily Fletcher

First, you’ll learn “balancing breath,” a simple and powerful technique balance your brain and your mood to make the seated practice of meditation more accessible. Next, Emily will lead you through a short meditation and share with you some of her best health and wellness tips to help you on your journey.

FREE BONUS #4:The Hormone Balancing Booklet (pdf)

FREE BONUS #4: The Hormone Balancing Booklet (pdf)
by Magdalena Wszelaki

Learn from from Magdalena Wszelaki, Thyroid Wellness Coach how to use food to naturally restore thyroid health.

  • Discover the top 30 foods to balance your hormones
  • Enjoy 3 yummy and easy-to-make recipes

FREE BONUS #5:Emotional Roots of Eating Disorders (mp3)

FREE BONUS #5: Emotional Roots of Eating Disorders (mp3)
by Dawson Church

Problems such as Binge Eating Disorder, Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa are a hidden epidemic that damage the lives of millions. In this exclusive recorded lecture, Dawson Church digs down to the emotional experiences often at the root of these disorders.

FREE BONUS #6:Summit #1 Recipe Favorites (pdf download)

FREE BONUS #6: Summit #1 Recipe Favorites (pdf download)
by Katrina Love Senn, Andrea Beaman & Philip McCluskey

These 3 recipes were the “favorites” from our last summit, and we think you’ll love them. Enjoy Pumpkin Coconut Curry, Shitake Salad & Live Spinach Soup.

FREE BONUS #7:Yoga for Athletes (mp3 & pdf booklet)

FREE BONUS #7: Yoga for Athletes (mp3 & pdf booklet)
by Yuri Elkaim

Whether you’re a walker, a runner, a cyclist, or just getting started with exercise, this “Yoga for Athletes” program will help you integrate the benefits of yoga without a huge time commitment.
This 30-minute audio class is designed for all levels and comes along with a reference booklet (pdf) for at-home practice.

FREE BONUS #8:Sweet Potato Bars (pdf)

FREE BONUS #8: Sweet Potato Bars (pdf)
by Sara Gottfried, MD

Everyone loves the idea of “energy bars,” but most store-bought bars are loaded with preservatives, sweeteners and not-so-healthy fats. This simple, but delicious recipe from Dr. Sara Gottfried is a reader favorite.

FREE BONUS #9:Rich Food, Poor Food: 1st Chapter (pdf)

FREE BONUS #9: Rich Food, Poor Food: 1st Chapter (pdf)
by the Caltons

Learn how to select Rich Food options in the grocery store, while avoiding health detracting Poor Food ones, in the first chapter of this excellent new book. You´ll also get a foreword by William Davis, author of bestseller Wheat Belly.

FREE BONUS #10:Emotional Eating Guide: 30 Seconds to Stop Your Food

FREE BONUS #10: Emotional Eating Guide: 30 Seconds to Stop Your Food Cravings & Shed Fat (pdf)
by Brittany Watkins

30 Seconds to Stop Your Food Cravings and Shed Fat will teach you a cutting edge mind/body technique to eliminate food cravings for things like ice cream, bread, chocolate, pizza, and even wine in 30 seconds or less!


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